Hot Potato

Our Ascension, Part One

Thin Bloods?

I was enjoying my cushy room at the Motor City Hotel/Casino when we got the call. To top it off, I had a half-dead tourist in my bathtub that I was snacking on because exotic blood is so fulfilling. I think he was from Minnesota, and his blood tasted very wholesome and pure. Probably a farm boy. He had been harassing the dancers, and so I had to teach him a lesson—teach him to death. I was interrupted when Jasmine knocked on the door and said the archbishop needed us. My prey was too weak to scream, so I called my subjects to come into my room to finish him off. Ahh, the look in his eyes before the rats chewed them out…. They really do a good job cleaning a corpse.

We traveled to the Mausoleum, an underground court for our archbishop, and we learned that we were to investigate a recent murder. Well, to be honest, Kira was called upon, and we were essentially extras. We quickly discerned that the fallen, Bishop Florin, had a standing feud with the Magnus Dominus pack, and that our companion, Roman Drugov, enjoyed the company of Bishop Zane. Also, we learned that our Ductus Jasmine and Kira are convinced they could do a better job running the city than the archbishop. I can only imagine the terror I would unleash as Paladin to either of them, but I digress.

We pursued the pack, whereupon I called my subjects to invade a Cainite club and get everyone’s attention. Several minor pack members of the Black Widows burned through their gifts to make their ductus presentable. Such a waste of effort, but they are Cathars. They answered our questions readily enough, and we pursued our quarry to the Paramount theater, where a battle ensued.

Each member of the pack, the Magnus Dominus, was a blood sorcerer. They had a thaumaturge, a necromancer, and a koldun, but we were able to dispense of them at little personal risk. I had hoped to see my subjects devour one of them whole, but there was no call for such a thing. A survivor, Ekaterina, told us the full story. Not only had the pack been treasonous, but they had fallen prey to a pack of thin bloods and been tricked into killing the bishop. This is why blood sorcerers should never form packs on their own: they are too naïve without the support of more worldly clans.

We tracked this pack of thin bloods, the Lost Souls, to Detroit Metro Station, where I made use of my gifts to spy on the masses while the others commenced with their interrogations. We were able to discern the location of their haven from pictures one of the thin bloods kept of the pack (Note: We really need to look into that. Why would one vampire keep pictures of a pack of thin bloods?). We found the home in which they squat and quickly defeated the pack—except for Spencer, who is a day walker and can move faster than Celerity will allow. He is a mystery that needs solving.

We returned to the Archbishop and told her our information. Roman volunteered to lead a purge against the Panders, but her eminence declined, further confirming my belief that Kira should become ruler of the city. When we returned to our posh quarters, I had a skeleton to dump in my bathtub. First, though, I dumped the bones onto the bathroom floor so I could take a shower. I was filthy. I believe I will have the maids launder my clothes tomorrow, as well.

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