Paul, King of the Rats



Age: 32
Apparent Age: ?
RIP: 2010
Race: He’s gray and monstrous
Hair: A bit here and there
Eyes: Bloodshot, yellow
Height: 5’-7"
Weight: 140 lbs.
Demeanor: Eye of the Storm

Paul dresses to conceal his appearance so he can reveal himself at just the right moment to get maximum effect. He typically dresses in loose jeans; old, worn out sandals; a T-shirt; and a hoodie two sizes too big. With his Linkin Park hat pulled low and his oversized hood pulled up, it’s hard to see his obviously vampiric face. The hoodie also conceals his Civil War era artillery short sword and .38.

Still, his hands stick out. They are gray but often so dirty that others assume the gray comes from grime as well. Each finger ends in a jagged claw-like nail (useless as weapons). He often has one or two rats about as well, though he has no particular favorites at this time.


Paul has been a Cainite for five years, and if there’s one thing he has learned from his experience, it is that becoming the boogeyman has been his destiny all along. He savors every chance he gets to stalk and kill, and he especially likes causing terror in his prey.

Having developed an affinity and some control over the rats has only helped him. Now, he especially likes sending a swarm to attack and devour his enemies while they shriek helplessly.

Eventually, Paul would like to grow strong enough that he can dispense with mortal weapons altogether. To that end, he has been trying to make inroads with local Gangrel to learn the secrets of Protean. And, if he could become a rat…

Paul, King of the Rats

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